Wall Decor

Wall decor has become a very important part of our interior style.  From canvas prints to wall hangings and even clocks, we enjoy the ability to change the look of our rooms from time to time with a change in our wall decor or just to make a statement.

We have seen many trends move through this facet of interiors from floral prints to abstracts to Frida Kahlo pieces and macrame hangings making a comeback.  The only rule is there is no rule, providing the size of the piece will work in the space you are thinking of.    Whatever style you decorate your home in must be first and foremost your style and remember if you love a piece whether it be art or something else, then it will work in your home.  This is definitely the case with wall art or wall decor as it is often the first thing that draws your eye when you enter a room, so if you love it then choose it….for no other reason.

At Ekto Living we source our wall art from several different companies and try to have a variety of styles and colours.  We are always happy to discuss your options and interests to see how we can help with this part of your home styling.  We can usually help with delivery too if the piece is large.

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